Accept Easy, Fast & Secure Contactless NFC Payments

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NFC-enabled smartphone required.

Tap Any Phone to Accept Instant Mobile Payments

Accept safe contactless payments from anyone by just a tap of your Mobile Tag or Card to any NFC-enabled smartphone.

• Anyone: iOS | Android | Windows | Linux

• Anything: Business | Products | Services

• Anywhere: WiFi | Cellular | 5G | 6G | Satellite

• Anytime: 24/7 Availability Worldwide


A Flexible Cost-Effective Solution

Enabling merchants to use their own smartphones or tablets to accept payments of any amount without the need of any additional hardware.

1. Activate Wallet

Register account to activate your Virtual Mobile Wallet.

2. Connect Mobile

Connect with mobile device to accept mobile payments.

3. Mobile Card

Order your card to process secure mobile payments.

4. Monetize Mobile

Monetize all your bussiness, products & services.

If you do not have a bank account on file, you will need to add one before you’re able to receive payouts.


Smart & Secure Mobile Banking on the Go...

  • USD ($) | EUR (€) | GBP (£)

  • B2C | B2C | P2P

  • Credit Card | Bank

  • Mobile & Social Commerce

  • Tap to Pay | Tap to Phone

  • Top Up Mobile Wallet

  • Sending & Receiving Funds

  • PDF Invoices

  • NFC | QR Code | URL

  • WiFi | Cellular | 5G | 6G | Satellite

Payments Online, In-Store & On-the-Go

Keep up with the shift to more digital channels, serve customers better & drive more sales for your Business, Products & Services in already 44 countries.


Internet Users


Smartphone Users


Active Businesses

Share Your Business & Contact Information

Integrated NFC technology also enables you to transmit your business and contact details into any smartphone for modern networking on e.g. Events, with just a single Tap.

  • Virtual Digital Business Card - FREE INCLUDED

  • Analytics to track your Scans & Engagement

  • No physical contact required to send or receive

  • Order Mobile Cards for your whole organization

  • Instant Customer Service is now on another level

  • Never lose contact with your customers again

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Works on Any NFC Mobile Device

Mobile Wallet

Send one another money from your mobile devices. Top-Up funds or Transfer (P2P) money to any other Mobile Wallet account.

Mobile Credits

Accept payments of any amount without the need of any additional software. Use any smartphone or tablet to get paid.

Smart City

Mobile & Social commerce All-In-One solution for your business, products & services to accept payments right away.

Point of Sale

Process card payments or set up a virtual sales point with your own mobile device. A transaction may occur in person or online.

Mobile Banking

No website, no email, just your very own personal Mobile Wallet or Mobile NFC Card needed to get paid via credit card or bank.

Global Banking

Mobile money penetration is successfully reaching the poorest and most financially excluded people anywhere in the world.

Social Commerce

Turning your followers on social media into cash just got easier, faster than ever before. Apply for a Mobile Card, connect & get paid.

Real-Time Notifications

Real-time updates whenever customers have processed a transaction. PDF invoices & notifications for successful payments.

AML | KYC Policy

Connect any business with a single solution to the digital world in a secure, efficient way with 3-layer security & anti-fraud protocols.

Monetize Any Social Channel

Mobile Credits Reviews

Experiences beyond mobile payments


No Apps Needed & Privacy Guaranteed

Customers can place orders without signing up for an account or installing a new app on their iOS or Android mobile device. SSL provides for secure communication between your client & private cloud terminal by allowing mutual authentication for each single transaction.

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Once connected, you'll be able to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

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Mobile Payments

It only Takes a few Minutes to get Paid in Seconds

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