Mobile Media does not represent or warrant that the Mobile Media Services will enable you to fulfill your obligations under applicable Law, including with respect to taxes. Mobile Media is not liable for any tax calculations generated by the Mobile Media Services. You are solely responsible for your compliance with applicable Law, including verifying the effect of any tax Law interpretations upon which the data and reporting you receive through the Mobile Media Services are based. The data and reporting you receive through the Mobile Media Services are included in “Mobile Media Data” under the Mobile Media Services Agreement. You understand acknowledge that any incorrect tax calculations may result in a tax authority issuing fines, penalties or other sanctions. You must make your own determination of whether or not to act upon any directions or recommendations made by Mobile Media related to the Mobile Media Services.

1. Data Retention

It is your responsibility to retain copies of reporting and data you receive through the Mobile Media Services for the time period required by applicable Law.

2. Termination

Mobile Media may suspend or terminate your access to the Mobile Media Services:

a. at any time upon 30 days’ Notice; or

b. immediately on Notice, if (i) you are in breach of these Terms; (ii) there is a material change in any applicable Law, or interpretation of it; or

c. automatically without Notice, if (i) another agreement between you and Mobile Media (including the Mobile Media Services Agreement, if applicable) is terminated, or your Mobile Media Account is suspended or closed; or (ii) your use of the Mobile Media Services, in Mobile Media’s reasonable opinion, violates applicable Law or could cause harm to Mobile Media, its service provider, or other Mobile Media users.

3. Beta Services

3.1 Beta Services: Mobile Media may indicate that the Mobile Media Services, with regard to a particular release or feature, or as offered in certain countries or regions, are classified by Mobile Media as “beta”, “pilot”, “limited availability”, “invite only”, or “pre release” (“Beta,” and the Beta portion of the Mobile Media Identity Verification Services, “Beta Services”). You understand that Beta Services are still in development, may have bugs or errors, may be feature incomplete, and may be subject to material change. You further understand that the Beta Services may be generally available in some countries while still classified as Beta in others. Despite any other provision of these Terms to the contrary, you understand and agree that your use of or reliance on the Beta Services is subject to the Beta classification, which will continue in force until Mobile Media removes the classification.

3.2 Modification to Beta Functionality; Beta Updates: Mobile Media has no obligation whatsoever to provide any bug fixes, error corrections, patches, or service packs for, or any revisions, successors, or updated versions to, the Beta Services, or any part of them, while the Beta classification is in place (all of the foregoing, if made available by Mobile Media, “Beta Updates”). However, if Mobile Media provides or makes available any Beta Update, you must fully implement the Beta Update within the time period specified by Mobile Media or 30 days after Mobile Media makes the Beta Update available, whichever is sooner.

3.3 Availability and Updates During Beta Period: Mobile Media may make updates, changes, repairs, or conduct maintenance at any time, and with or without notice, which may result in changes in the availability or quality of the Beta Services. In addition, Mobile Media may suspend your access to the Beta Services with or without notice, including if Mobile Media reasonably believes that (a) suspending the Beta Services is required by applicable Law; (b) continuing to provide the Beta Services would place Mobile Media in breach of any obligation Mobile Media owes to a third party; or (c) Mobile Media determines that continuing to provide the Beta Services would give rise to an unacceptable security or privacy risk. Mobile Media may also terminate your access to the Beta Services if Mobile Media, in its sole discretion, stops offering the Beta Services completely or in your jurisdiction.